Laughter Yoga Club:  The We Are Laughter club meets the third Saturday of each month at 1:00 p.m. with occasional exceptions.  You can find where on the Schedule of Events page as we often hold Laughter sessions in Golden Gate Park or a community center depending on the time of year and weather.  Our sessions involve laughter, movement, sharing and meditation.  It is open to all ages 18+.  All sizes, shapes, fitness levels, and experience levels (including none at all) are welcome.  Wear loose, comfortable clothing, bring a yoga mat or large towel, and you might want to have some water with you as well.  If you would like to contribute $5.00 to $10.00 to the space rental, it is appreciated but not required.  While fees are charged for other classes and sessions, our monthly We Are Laughter club would much rather have your laughter than your money!
Classes can be presented in any space large enough to hold the number of expected attendees.  Laughter Yoga can be done with two people or two hundred!  Community centers, gyms, conference rooms, living rooms, outdoor parks are all ideal settings for Laughter Yoga classes.
Individual Laughter Yoga Coaching:  Laughter Yoga coaching allows for one-on-one interaction with a specified focus of your choosing.  People with issues around shyness, public speaking, and self-expression; persons suffering chronic physical pain or emotional difficulties; those looking to lose weight or find alternative, more fun ways of exercising; and, folks wishing to develop their meditation practices can all benefit from Laughter Yoga coaching tailored around their intentions and interests.

Laughter Yoga Leader Training:  If you would like to learn how to lead your own Laughter Club or present Laughter Yoga to your workplace, community center, gym, or yoga studio, or just want to have a fun immersion into Laughter Yoga, Tommy has been directly taught and certified by Dr. Mandan Kataria, the medical doctor from Mumbai, India who created Laughter Yoga, to teach others.  Whether in a two-day seminar or over the course of several classes, Laughter Yoga Leadership Training covers the history, benefits, scientific and medical research, 40-basic laughter exercises, yogic breath, and meditation to prepare you to create a Laughter Club yourself and make Laughter Yoga presentations in all sorts of business and social environments. 

Laughter Yoga Corporate and Business Presentations:  More corporations and businesses now offer daily, weekly or monthly Laughter Yoga sessions for their managers and employees in order to foster a happier work environment of reduced stress and tension, a friendly, fun interaction between all departments, and greater cooperation within the company.  Presentations can focus on the physical, mental, and spiritual benefits of laughter; the ways laughter can create positive dynamics for creativity and productivity; and, provide examples of simple ways of incorporating and using laughter within the workplace.
Chair Laughter Yoga for Seniors and Patients in Treatment Programs:  One of the great things about Laughter Yoga is how adaptable it is for those who may not be as physically capable or mobile due to age, illness or recovery issues.  Seniors love to laugh, to draw on memories of funny stories and shared moments of laughter with friends and other loved ones.  Very simple finger, hand, arm, leg, and foot movements while sitting and engaged in laughter with others can bring a tremendous boost to circulation, energy, and mental alertness.
For those in either in-house or out-patient treatment programs, including chemotherapy and addiction recovery, Laughter Yoga is a great aid in managing pain, finding calm and ease during the treatment process, and creating a healthy, drug-free increase of endorphins for positive feelings and outlook.
Private Parties and Events, Including Those for Children:  If you are looking for something a little different for your next party or special event, including holidays, Laughter Yoga can brighten it up with fun-filled improvisational games, silly activities, and loads of laughs.  The laughter can be tailored to birthday parties, including children's--a great way to burn off all that sugared energy!
For more information about these services, including scheduling and rates, please contact Tommy Westerfield today!

Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher and Leader
San Francisco, CA